Beau-TEA-ful: Herbal Teas for every ailment

I have a confession to make. I’m a tea fanatic. No, seriously.  I have an entire cabinet in my kitchen dedicated to all my various types of teas. It’s such a running joke that when my sister started her own tea collection, she named the drawer where she keeps hers “Vicdraweria.”  =D

And I’m not talking flavors of green tea (although I do love green tea) but herbal teas.  They are amazing! There is an herbal tea remedy for just about everything. So I thought I’d go over a few of my favorite teas and what ailments they cure.

First let’s just talk about the brands I use and trust.

  • Traditional Medicinals. All their teas are organic and excellent quality.
  • Yogi. They have some really delicious blends.
  • Republic of Tea. I think I have every tea in their “Get….” collection. Love them.

Now let’s get down to which teas do what:

Raspberry Leaf- cramps/uterine health

This tea is seriously amazing. If you suffer from menstrual cramps like I do, this is a lifesaver. By the time you finish drinking a mug, your cramps will have seriously subsided. It’s even used to “tone the uterus” before and after birth.  For me, day two is the day of doom for my cramps, so if I start drinking this day one, and continue drinking it day two, it makes a huge difference in cramps for me. Given, the results only last a few hours for those of us with really bad cramps, but that just means you drink another mug. I have my sister, my cousins, my girlfriends, all of them on this tea. Everyone is amazed at how well it works.

Ginger- Nausea/ Stomache ache/ Vomiting/ Motion Sickness

Ginger is a fantastic tried and true remedy for nausea or stomach upset. It also aids digestion, is overall anti inflammatory and I personally find it delicious.

Dandellion Root- Bloating/Digestion    

If you’ve eaten something that doesn’t agree with you, or too much, or just feel a bit bloated in general, this tea is excellent. It’s great to drink right after a meal to help get your digestive juices flowing. It has a bitter, earthy taste that not everyone will love, but I’ve grown accustomed to it and quite enjoy it now.

Peppermint- Bloating/Digestion

Similarly, if you can’t tolerate the taste of Dandellion root, Peppermint is another great option to help aid digestion.

Tulsi aka Holy Basil- Stress

When I feel myself getting a bit AHHHHHHH I drink this like it’s going out of style. It contains holy basil, which besides being all around amazing, is an anti-adaptagenic herb, which means it helps your adrenals chill out and combats stress. My favorite teas for this are by Organic India, I like the Tulsi Lemon Ginger. Republic of Tea also makes one called “get burning” that has holy basil in it, a bit of spiciness, and I find it delicious.

Chamomile- Calming/Relaxing

The ultimate bedtime tea. This is great to help you relax, calm down at the end of the day, and unwind.

Lemon Balm- Mood

If you have a serious case of the Mondays, this tea is great for helping mood.  If you’re finding yourself in a bit of a funk, drinking this regularly for a few days can definitely help you get back to your cheery self.

Cinnamon- Blood Sugar

Besides smelling and tasting delicious, cinnamon is great for helping to regulate your blood sugar (so especially good after a meal), and also for weight loss.


  • Rosehip
  • Elderberry
  • Echinacea



Also called “red tea,” this is native to South Africa and super delicious. Similar to green tea, it provides a myriad of vitamins and minerals and promotes overall health

Pau De Arco-

This has been used in South America for centuries and is believed to have tons of health benefits, including fighting candida and cancer. It is also anti inflammatory and detoxing.


You’re probably familiar with the bright yellow spice. Another way to get some turmeric in your system is by drinking the tea. The cinnamon/turmeric blends are some of my favs. It is one of the most anti-inflammatory things you can consume.


I usually go with some of the blends for this. Two of my favorites are Skin Detox by Yogi Tea and Get Gorgeous by Republic of Tea. They contain a myriad of cleansing/detoxing herbs.  Any of these herbal teas are great for detoxing:

  • Burdock
  • Nettle – helps with high blood pressure and immunity
  • Red Clover
  • Milk Thistle – Liver cleanser

Behold the tea cabinet! =D =D =D