Splurge Skincare- Stephy’s Stars

stephy splurge

I was so excited to receive a birthday care package from the wonderful ladies over at SPLURGE SKINCARE (@splurgeskincare)

The packaging alone was so pretty that I didn’t even want to unwrap it!! 🙂 I got “The Rub” sugar scrub in Lemon, regular “Lip Butta” in Almond, “Tinted Lip Buttah” in In Love and “Melted Buttah” repair balm.

I tried it ALL last night and fell in love. I didn’t think I was a big scrub person, but this one might transform me. 😉 It smelled amazing and left my skin so soft. I usually drown myself in lotion after showers, but this time I didn’t even need to! I used the repair balm on some really dry skin (eczema), and it mollified it right away. I love the subtle tint of the “In Love”Lip Buttah…it’s really all I need for everyday.

The products are all handmade by these amazing ladies, contain healthy natural ingredients, and the scents are subtle, not overpowering. I have some friends who are super sensitive to strong scents, so if you’re like them I promise the scents in these products will not bother you!

Check out@splurgeskincare at http://www.splurgeskincare.com. Don’t wait for a special occasion to indulge…splurge yourself today! 😄👍💚